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Our Philosophy

What makes us different?  We listen . . .

It is refreshing to meet with an expert who actually listens to what you have to say. Take the doctor, for example. Have you had a visit when your doctor carefully examines you and inquires about your health? You discuss what is happening in your life and how it may affect your condition and your concerns are heard. The two of you collaborate to find a complete diagnosis and appropriate course of treatment. You are treated like an intelligent person entitled to courtesy and respect. You are involved in the process of finding solutions. We personally appreciate this type of consultation. So do our clients.

At Hurley Financial Group, Inc., our meetings are conversations. We like to refer to these meetings as “Financial Physicals”. We want you to tell us your concerns. We are interested in your current financial situation and what degree of comfort you have with it. We want you to ask us about the market, investment strategies—whatever is on your mind.

Then we ask some questions. What are you looking for from your retirement years? Would you like to spend more time with your grandchildren? Would you like to work part-time? Do you want to buy a recreational vehicle and see the country? Are you restoring a house? What kind of activities do you enjoy? Are you a golfer, a gardener, or a collector? What are your dreams? Your goals?


Keeping it simple . . .

We realize that the issues surrounding retirement can get complicated. Our job is to make your retirement transition as smooth and simple as possible. We interpret the ins and outs of the retirement process and financial marketplace and we explain how they affect you.

It is important that you feel completely at ease with the decisions we make together and we believe understanding the process is essential to your peace of mind.

You need to trust the people who manage your money. As individuals, we live by our principles and it shows: at work, at home, at church and in our community. Our advisors are Registered Representatives offering securities through Geneos Wealth Management, Inc., a registered Broker/Dealer, member FINRA/SIPC. We built our reputations as leaders in retirement transition and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) rollover strategies. We are regarded as experts in the complex rules regarding lump sum investments, IRA rollovers and retirement plan distributions – that’s important to us. What matters most to us is that our clients know they can rely on us.


Most importantly . . . we listen

We realize that the decisions you make impact your life and we don’t take that lightly. We provide our clients with solid, personalized investment planning targeted to your needs. Our relationships with clients last a lifetime, so it’s imperative that we work together. At Hurley Financial Group, Inc., we’re proud of our clientele. We build lasting relationships from our personalized counseling and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why our first step toward helping you realize your goals is communication. We listen.