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Wealth Management Services Offered

Customized Financial Plans

We believe that the key to success in offering clients financial advice is to first know all aspects of their situation. This is best accomplished through the process of producing a written financial plan. A financial plan should consist of two components:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the client’s current situation
  • A follow up meeting to discuss the appropriate steps to be taken to succeed

Tax Planning Strategies

Only by proactively planning to pay less in income and other taxes will you be in a position to keep more of what you make. By working with our client’s accountants, or referring them to one of our tax specialists, we help minimize our clients
tax liability.

Investment Planning and Asset Allocation Services

We help our clients take charge of their investment and savings program. Our years of experience in helping our clients to manage their assets have produced excellent results.

Retirement Planning

The amount of dollars that a person retiring today needs to live comfortably throughout their retirement years is astounding. Sometimes the numbers can seem overwhelming. That is why we prefer to approach this area in an integrated manner. We look at all aspects of retirement planning, such as:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the client’s current situation
  • An action plan that details the steps to be taken to help succeed
  • Investment and savings strategies· Health care financing issues (including long term care)
  • Use of tax sheltered retirement savings plans
  • Retirement distribution decision making
  • and many more


Estate Planning

Estate planning deals with maintaining control over your assets now, in the future and at your death. Savings on Federal and State death taxes, minimizing probate, and allowing for the execution of financial and health care responsibilities when incapacitated are a few of the items that fall under estate planning. Hurley Financial Group has networked with one of the top legal firms in Oregon to provide the best in Estate Planning needs.